Practical Alchemy:

Create the life you want and deserve

Duration 2.5 hours
Image module

Your life is in your hands. You have the power to bring about a transformation if you are simply willing to put yourself in charge and design the life that you want.

In this experience, you will have the opportunity to observe how you feel and who you are at this exact moment so that in this way you get clarity about what you really want. You will learn to transform your life through the holistic approach with easy, practical and fun tools.

Start your transformation process with meditations of the five elements: Water (emotions), fire (creativity and sexuality), ether (energy), air (mind) and earth (body). You will leave the session with strategies to incorporate this experience into your daily life in order to begin to make a deep and lasting change immediately.


– Emotion meditation

– Clarity research

– Fundamentals of energy techniques

– Consent movement

– Creative impulse