Premium Practice Alchemy


Self-knowledge is the key to freedom!

Break the patterns and beliefs that block your life!

Raise your level of consciousness with practical tools.

Know the energetic reality and its benefits.
Access your potential as a human being.

Create changes and habits with multiple benefits.

The world is a creation of what we believe..

Alchemy Practice is for you if …

  • You are going through a strong transition in your life.
  • You feel stressed, lost or frustrated.
  • You want to make changes that are durable.
  • You need to create a self-care routine.
  • You want more pleasure, joy and adventure.
  • Healing your body, emotions and thoughts is your priority.

Alchemy Practice offers practical tools to balance your mind, body, emotions and spirituality.

All of us are composed of elements that being in harmony provide a balanced, abundant and serene life. We have the power to create the life we ​​want and deserve.

Transform everything that no longer serves to open more space for new experiences  that can make your life better than you imagined.

What does this online experience consist of?

Alchemy is the process of integrating the four elements within the new space (ether) awakening human potential with the integration of all aspects of being. This experience navigates in six modules the techniques of self-knowledge and meditations to create the life that you want and deserve.

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One module per week including the daily practice of meditations.

In the seventh week you can continue with the meditations according to your needs.

This course is available for you to take as many times as you want for one year. It is your own responsibility to see the course in this time frame and commit to your personal change.


  • Keep a diary next to your course to record your experience.
  • Have books on hand

    The art of transformation: Karina Velasco

    The art of healthy living: Karina Velasco

Alchemy Practice consists of 23 videos and 12 audio lessons. Includes bonus detox cooking classes 1 and 2 plus cooking class Raw food 1 and 2


Alchemy Practice We offer tools to balance your mind, body, emotions and spirituality. Tones we are composed of elements that are in harmony provide a balanced, abundant and serene life. We have the power to create the life we ​​want and deserve.

Transform everything that no longer serves to be happy!

Image module


In this module is the introduction to Alchemy practice in which we will talk about motivation, how to take action and the principles of alchemy and its importance to transform our lives.


Welcome 5:05

To take action  6:53

What is alchemy?  6: 17

Alchemy in people 6:36

Meditation of receptivity. 3:11

Integration meditation 4:45

Stages of alchemy 32:42

Personalities in Alchemy 27:54

The power of ritual 18:40

Take Action 34:11


The earth is our foundation, foundations, everything related to our body. With this element we will work everything related to our physical body, nutrition, recipes, health, exercise, rest and sensuality. By taking charge of your actions you can create health, longevity, well-being and pleasure with your body.


Earth and body   4:21

Sensuality 6:02

Meditation connection 6:22

Bonus: Cooking and nutrition classes:

Detox 1 and Detox 2, Raw food 1, Raw food 2,

Image module
Image module


Water flows, purifies us and makes us see life based on what we feel. In this element we will understand our emotions, feelings and I will give you a guide on how to let go, let go and move this energy. This element is about communication. To create a transformation, observation and allowing us to feel the full range of emotions makes what you feel flow creating more peace, emotional stability and harmony in your emotional body.


Water and emotions  7:29

Compassionate communication 6:50

Heart meditation 4:13

Meditation of emotions 6:24


Handles emotions 24:01

Compassionate communication 17:53


The air is the element of our mind. What kind of thoughts we have that beliefs govern our lives is the basis of a well-being in our psyche. Meditation, visualization, techniques to activate our pineal gland and the observation of our beliefs is an important part to achieve clarity in our decisions.


Air and our mind 4:14

The beliefs 9:14

Depression 4:08

Meditation for the mind 3:57


How our mind works  38:04

The brain 39:10

Image module
Image module


It is the element of passion for life and sexuality. This element purifies, initiates, activates and motivates you in life. Sexual energy is essential for transformation. Sexuality, inner work and the purification of what we want to let go is based on fire.
In harmony this element will create in our lives passion, desire, motivation, sensuality, a good and healthy sex life.


The fire. 6:14

Personal limits 6:15

Desire Meditation 3:42

Fire activation meditation   6:31


The fire and its handling 13:43


The ether is our space, the emptiness. It is the element of energy, all practices related to the energetic reality. Learn to make space for the transformation to happen and know the energetic reality and that is the energy.


What is ether?  4:40

What is energy? 6:14

Breath meditation 6:30


What is consciousness? 13:18

What is the energy reality 26:41

How to continue this program at home 5:48

Image module