The colors of love

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We have grown up with very limited ideas about love, learned to a large extent from our parents’ relationship; We follow conditions and rules imposed by society. What we do not know is that our capacity to love goes beyond those experiences. But what other ways of loving exist? What capacity of love do we possess?

Love, as well as light, has different chromatic combinations that lead you to live it without limits, which open your heart and extend your capacity to love; these colors are related to the chakras, and the knowledge of these energy centers, as well as the method to harmonize them, provide you with the essential tools so that you can relate in a healthy and conscious way in different levels, with multiple intensities.

Live the love to fullness and sexuality with full presence will make you discover your primary colors and define the way you want to mix them with others. Discover them and create the most unique and beautiful rainbow: yours.