The art of healthy life

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Discovering the secrets of a healthy life is one of humankind’s greatest concerns. In this book you will find the most valuable theories simplified for you to change your habits today. 

Karina Velasco has spent years dedicated to the study of some of those theories. Her interest in the fields of nutrition and spirituality have taken her to diverse countries to learn about traditional philosophies, mainly of Oriental origin, and to study with the great innovators from the world of holistic nutrition and experts in nutritional theories.

In this book the author explains some of the most effective theories, those which are easily adaptable to any lifestyle and body type, and which are also simple to apply in daily life. It contains valuable and practical information about:

· The reflection of emotions on the body.

· The influence of food on emotions.

· Healthy eating habits.

· Detoxification.

· Foods that cure.

· Foods that cause illnesses.

· Yoga, breathing and meditation.

· Tasty and healthy recipes.

And, most importantly, Karina Velasco shares her own experiences, her inner transformation, her struggle to find balance between the ideal weight, healthy body and happiness, and how she discovered that the connection between the body and the spirit is the secret to well-being.