Karina Velasco’s work is based on the arts of connection, energetic orgasmic awareness and creative transformation. Her passion is to help people transform their lives by improving their creative expression and deepening their connection with themselves and others. A woman with more than 20 years of experience in a variety of holistic disciplines, has managed to translate complex concepts into simple, practical and fun tools

As an author and influential speaker, she teaches practical tools to help people reclaim their personal power and find creative solutions that allow positive changes in their lives. She believes that we can all learn through pleasure and joy – not only through suffering. She thrives by helping you create the life and relationships you deserve with a process that you enjoy.

Karina gives intensive workshops on topics of creative expression, connection, orgasmic energetic awareness (OEA)  and in human relationships, conferences in transformation and self-care and creative flow skills. She is the author of the bestsellers “The Art of Healthy Living”, “From Point A to Point G”, “The Colors of Love” and “The Art of Transformation (published by Random House Penguin in English and Spanish). Her new book, “Dynamics of creativity” will be out this summer. You can see her in, “Integral Sexuality” through Inti Tv in all Latin America. She is the founder of Yorgasmic.com and RawFoodie.com.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of wellness, Karina has several certifications: Natural foodsChef, Health coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Certified Yoga Teacher by Sivananda and Yoga Works, as well as as different trainings on energetics, Tantra and sacred sexuality.

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